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What An Astrologist Can Do For You

by Susan Miller

Astrology can be used to help you in many ways. It can reveal damaging behavioral patterns or forewarn you of upcoming challenges. It can help you pinpoint latent talents you may possess and provide you with specific hints on how to best develop them. Astrology can also point out expansive, rewarding trends that are coming up and assist you in figuring out how to take advantage of them before they fade. Finally, astrology is an excellent means to determine the perfect timing for certain actions.

The beauty of astrology is that it will help you to always be in complete control of your life. Astrology is not fortune telling: but it is a recognition that we have free will. We know we are not controlled by the planets, but the planets do create a certain atmospheres of constriction or ease, that keeps us on our toes.  Alas, you cannot blame the planets and say, for example, “Saturn made me do it!” The few times I have said this to an audience, most people laugh—it does sound funny.

The planets work to help us help ourselves. By applying pressure, planets help us to overcome inertia. At other times, they help us to see unproductive or even self-destructive behavior that we may have never noticed before but that we can fix. Astrologers believe we must be accountable for our actions and to recognize that we do have choices.  The study of astrology will help you sort out all your options and to act at the proper time.


When you are going through a hard time, astrology can give you hope because you will know when the cosmos will give you a hand to get you back on your feet. When you know you’re due for some good fortune, you will have time to prepare so you can position yourself to benefit from it.


To make astrology work for you, you will need to show the universe your intent and be willing to roll up your sleeves and work. Nobody said life would be easy all the time, but it can be quite an adventure. That I promise.

Short-term trends are activated by new moons and full moons and by the inner or “personal planets”—Venus, Mercury and Mars—that circle close to the Sun. Longer trends are activated by eclipses and by the movements of the outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.







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